#Burger-Ping meets HaKe

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HoN News: Heroes of Newerth Patch 2.6.13


HaKe Netzspion

Heroes of Newerth Version 2.6.13

This will be our official mascot for HoN Updates.

== General ==

- Pets are now deleted when the owner terminates
- Items that drop on death always lose ownership, even when dropping off a pet
- Fixed possible editor lockup when editing water

== Optimizations & Bug Fixes ==

- Courier: Fixed the courier from being pulled or pushed by abilities when immune

- Genjuro: Removed the animation from Genjuro so it does not stop any current channeling animations
- Genjuro: Fixed Harkon's Blade interaction so that the slow state of Genjuro will properly apply if you attack out of Genjuro's stealth state with Harkon's toggled on
- Null Stone: Fixed the reset effect making the dead hero glow for a split second when Null Stone goes off of cooldown

- Arachna: Fixed Spiderling so that it won't die if Arachna dies while the Spiderling is in midair
- Chronos: Fixed Chronofield so that units properly play their idle animation after it expires
- Empath: Fixed Homecoming Stone/ Post Haste so it won't immediately cancel if Empath uses it while in her " As One " state
- Nomad: Fixed Edge Counter so that it plays the correct animations for each respective alt
- Pebbles: Fixed Enlarge from playing the rock skin shed animation when he is invisible
- Pharaoh: Fixed an exploit with Wrath of the Pharaoh and Staff of the Master. You can no longer cast Wrath of the Pharaoh, pick up Staff of the Master (or get a courier/friend's hero to deliver it to you) and then use the secondary ultimate skill (hotkey "D") immediately after. The cooldowns will now be properly shared.
- Silhouette: Fixed White Lotus Silhouette's Sky Dance animation so that it uses the alt's model instead of the original's model

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