#Burger-Ping meets HaKe

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Teamspeak CELT Codec/Probleme/Update RC


Einige haben ja schon mitbekommen, dass es hin und wiede Probleme gibt, wenn der Chanel auf CELT eingestellt ist. Das liegt an Client Versions Unterschieden.

Die Jungs von TS³ aktualisieren die Beta nicht mehr und um an den RC zu kommen sind folgende Schritte notwendig:

- Go to where you installed teamspeak. There should be (among other things) a executable called "update"
- In this folder create or edit the file called "update.ini", after you are done with it the contents should be:
- Save the file, start TeamSpeak and go to Help->Check for Update, it should report a new version available.

hc_172.jpg hc_173.jpg

Danach funzt wieder alles. Meine Empfehlung ist daher für jeden das Update zu fahren.

Komplettes Changelog Beta > RCpre13:



Kommando zurück:
[FONT=&quot]today we release a new client version, called 3.0.0-rc1. As it is a client from the "stable channel" all users coming from beta36 will be asked to update to it through the auto-updater.

For those of you that have not been keeping track of the development of rc1 by using a "beta channel" client (the 3.0.0-rc1-preX versions), there are many changes. The biggest and most invasive is the complete rewrite of the sound system, giving better performance and more possibilities in many areas. Also quite prominent to note is the updated sound pack (we are still working on the effect filter).

If you have any issues, please report them in this thread so we can address them before our final version is released.[/FONT]